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We have been working in Hackensack NJ and nearby area for over 20 years, and in that time have built an encouraging reputation as dependable and responsible service. We always make all possible efforts to ensure absolute customer contentment, so we go above and beyond our call of duty to make dealings with us as easy and as comfortable as possible.

At Auto Cool Locksmith, we know that the security of your house or business is imperative to you, which means that it's imperative to us. We ensure to not only utilize quality locks and security items but to set up and repair them appropriately, ensuring that they work as planned to keep your property secure.

We are committed to arriving on time when you call us, and you can always trust us for reasonable prices. Give us a call at 201-464-4764 today to schedule dependable commercial and residential locksmith services.

Why Auto Cool Locksmith

We have a knowledgeable, capable team of Auto Cool Locksmith can count on! If you live in Hackensack or the nearby area, let us be your first alternative in security. After all, our customers are our precedence, and we cautiously choose a local, knowledgeable professional to meet your requirements.

Locksmith NJ Competent Solutions

We work proficiently and present the best house and car locksmith services. We ensure that our customers are helped in every way and that they are offered the most proficient solutions. You'll find our car and mobile locksmiths to be competent and professional.

Why Is a Locksmith Service Important?

Although you maybe know the importance of hiring professional locksmith services, not everyone knows why having the contact information of a nearby professional is recommended. In the majority of cases, you'll require the services provided by locksmiths because of an emergency. From a key that jams inside the lock to misplacing your keys or locking yourself out, the emergency circumstances possible are so many. Having the contact details of numerous of your local locksmiths is the most excellent way to make sure such unforeseeable issues won't bother or problem you in any way. In spite of whether it's a private, residential, or commercial requirement, knowledgeable and dependable locksmiths can provide a solution in Hackensack NJ. There are few important points which make known why our locksmith services are important.

Exact Solutions

Our licensed or certified emergency locksmith experts can offer the right solution to your locking system problems. This will assist to ease your botheration about the chance of dealing with mistakes that can be expensive. It is very important to hiring our emergency locksmith services at the get-go to keep away from risking the quality of the results you expect.

Knowledge and Skills

Advanced security locking systems are usually designed to put off intrusion and robbery. If you drive the most recent model of car or you are using advance-security locks in your residence, chances are you have key and lock mechanisms that need exact skills and knowledge to repair or service.

Quick Results

Emergencies require quick solutions. For that reason hiring our emergency locksmith service will give surety you that your key or lock issues will be resolved as proficiently and promptly in the hands of an expert. Besides, an emergency locksmith can perform the work without causing damages to your car or residence.

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Great Service, Reasonable Prices

Are you on a budget? Don't worry, because we keep our rates low so all our Locksmith Hackensack NJ locals will have a specialized locksmith to call. Still, we always adhere to our authoritarian standards to guarantee the quality of work.

Not like other service providers, we don't charge too much. What we quote for you is the fee you're going to pay. Rest assured that our locksmith experts are straightforward and transparent when it comes to the bill.

Aside from being owners of the business, we are cars and homeowners. We know how the locking system plays a big role in the security of these properties. Therefore locksmith services must be available for those who require it.

More Locksmith Services

We at Auto Cool Locksmith offer an extensive range of locksmith services that meet your requirements. Our professionals are always equipped to offer every kind of car, home, and commercial locksmith services which include:

A Range Of Locks Installations and Repairs

As an essential part of your overall security, we are acquainted with the importance of choosing the accurate product. We'll assist explain the alternatives and give advice on which lock the system will best meet your requirements. Damaged lock? We've seen the whole thing and can repair any lock that needs service.

Master Key Systems

We can assist you to build up a master key plan that makes sense for your process. Using verified products our master key systems are a simple way to restrict and control access by utilizing change keys, master keys etc.

Re-Keying of Locks

Entryway and rekeying of deadbolt is a lucrative and helpful solution when changing the entire lock isn't essential. We offer lock re-keying all over Hackensack NJ.


We have an extensive range of padlocks to suit your requirements and we bring the industry's top brand names. From light to hard wearing we can provide you the right size padlock for each situation

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